Total Letdown - we're back!

We just spent the summer in Japan, but we made it back to the States! Sorry we're still working on the webpage, jet lag's a bitch

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October is here - so are we

this is just a test for now

About the Band


Role: lead vocalist

Signature: flashy mask and off-center persona

Birthday: 5/23

Likes: hot cocoa

Toru grew up in Matsudo, Chiba, Japan but moved to upstate New York at age 13 to live with his older sister. An early St. Mike’s dropout, Toru lives in Essex Junction where he works part-time. On vacations he returns to visit his parents, childhood friends, and extended family, citing his youth in Japan and early experiences in the United States as the core of both his personality and his inspiration. The co-founder of the band, Toru looks forward to the future of TL in America following its success in the underground Kanto pop scene.